The Evaluator, Inc - Can Show You How To Do IT Right!
The Evaluator, Inc - Can Show You How To Do IT Right!


Do You Need A Confidential Third Party Review or Study?

Our attention to objective and confidential IT studies and evaluations has made us an industry leader. At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


Want to know more about the types of IT studies we can do for you?  Just call or email us and we will arrange for a brief discussion, in full privacy, when we can discuss your questions and  concerns, and how we can help.

Are Your Users Happy With Your IT Services?

Is Management Happy With Your IT Services?

For a Clear and Candid Evaluation of your business processes, compliance with procedures & policies, IT application systems, personnel, infrastructure, and  hardware/cloud environment, contact us in full confidence at: 203-329-7013

The Evaluator, Inc. 24 Camp Ave., #4349, Stamford CT 06907-0349(203) 329-7013 

We Identify Risk and Future Potential Problems, and as Your Extension Search For and Identify Actionable Improvements in Your Systems, Procedures and Processes. Carve Outs and Mergers Represent Opportunities for Such Improvements.

In addition to our confidential Studies & Evaluations, IT & Management consulting services are available through our consulting division, Nori & Associates. Their wide scope of services add value to your organization. Projects on a fixed fee or time and materials basis, with guaranteed deliverables and a firm completion date.

20 Years of Business & IT Focused Studies, Assessments & Compliance Reviews

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The Evaluator, Inc
24 Camp Ave #. 4349

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20 Years of Business & IT Focused Studies, Assessments & Compliance Reviews